Friday, February 27, 2009

Meet JunkRap

There's very little there at this point, but here's the basics:

JunkRap is meant to be a low-cost scavenged prototyper built out of wood and printer parts. By getting one axis from the sheet feed, it's theoretically possible that a full 3-axis printer can be cobbled together from only two printers. The first one was torn apart ages ago, and left sitting in a box in my storage space until this week when I finally bolted the sheet feed motor and encoder onto some hobby wood and pronounced it "the x-axis setup". Now obviously I need another set of rollers or two before this can so much as push a plank back and forth (my definition of x-axis completion) but I already have the breakout pins for the encoder soldered up. I'm pretty sure I got pulses out of the encoder before, so I think I can do that again. The driver board is a tiny setup I made a while back to get an ATMega8 minimally controlling two motors. Now of course, there's a good chance that same board will end up driving the JunkRap well into its early stages as an xy pen plotter...


This is at the moment just a placeholder. More posts are possible but unlikely.

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